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3R-plast: Raw materials, Recycling, R&D
Invitation to participate in the XVth International Conference

On January 25, 2017, Expocenter in Moscow, Russia, will gather international plastic industry professionals at the XVth annual conference organized by one of the leading Russian industrial magazines, Plastics Magazine, and Messe Dusseldorf Moscow as part of Interplastica 2017.

The conference, held by Plastiks Magazine since 2003, is exclusively dedicated to processing and recycling of plastics. In 2016, the traditional conference was rebranded as 3R-plast: Raw materials, Recycling, R&D.

The three “R” in the new name plot a vector for future discourses and discussions. The Raw materials unit includes questions of large- and medium-scale production of plastic raw materials with required properties. The Recycling section is dedicated to advanced technologies for plastic waste sorting and recycling. Finally, the R&D (Research & Development) unit acquaints the attendees with innovative developments and research both in processing technologies and in manufacture of high-performance core and peripheral equipment.

3R-plast proved to be an excellent ground for networking of industry professionals and discussing the hottest topics such as:
—Impact of the global economic situation on the Russian polymer market
—Major trends in world markets of plastics production and processing
—Raw material supply in Russian plastic processing
—New polymer materials and their applications
—Recycling technologies and processing of recyclates
—Innovative equipment and process solutions for processing of primary and recycled polymers
—Organization of polymer production and plastic processing businesses
—Training and upskilling of industry professionals.

Recent years’ participants include major worldwide producers and research companies such as KraussMaffei Berstorff, EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen, Starlinger, IPM, Maillefer, Dow Isolan, BYK Chemie, DYNISCO (Azurr Technology), Herbold Meckesheim, Wells Plastics, Bang & Bonsomer, FEDDEM, Harke Chemicals, Zerma, NRWINVEST, POLYPLASTIC Group, Yuman, TEHOSNASTKA, MIPP – NPO Plastic, Alliance Analytics or NIITEKHIM.

The Conference section of the magazine website brings together presentations and audio recordings of the reports delivered in 2016 and earlier.

The conference gathers an exclusive target audience of active experts: CEOs and senior managers, product and process engineers, employees of research and educational institutions, representatives of relevant agencies, and heads of industry organizations. As evidenced by the audience feedback, the conference ranks as one of the most prestigious events where you can get first-hand information on the advances in polymer production and processing — be it raw materials, equipment, technologies or services. Here, you can benefit from discussing acute market problems and possibilities of applying innovations in your business with industry experts.

The conference managers will be glad to answer your questions on participation in the conference as a non-reporting attendee:

Anton Litvinov, Elena Vlasova
Phone: +7 846 268 99 41

    If you would like to take part in the conference as a reporter, please contact:

Elena Zabrodova, Maria Tarasova
Phone: +7 846 276 40 45

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