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With polymer market and plastics processing industry developing dynamically nowadays, the problem of polymer waste collection and recycling and further using it as a feedstock for finished products is becoming especially burning – regarded both in economical and ecological aspects.
PLASTIKS magazine regularly touches upon the problems mentioned above on its pages. Each year PLASTIKS devotes one issue to plastics recycling. Moreover, realizing at full the importance of professional live communication, PLASTIKS organizes an annual conference called RePlast.
The conference is arranged for gathering together businessmen involved in plastics processing, recycling machinery producers, recyclers and recycled plastics suppliers, those, who deal with legislation, scientists, ecologists and people from waste-recycling organizations to discuss some important items and share experience.
Key points discussed at RePlast are as follows:
- polymer recycling in the world, CIS countries and Russia;
- polymer waste collection and sorting technologies;
- polymer consumer waste recycling abroad and in Russia: financing, experience, problems, perspectives;
- technological polymer waste recycling: efficient and resource-saving technologies;
- modern polymer recycling equipment;
- additives for enhancing recycled feedstock properties
- quality stability of products made of recycled plastics
- recycled plastics: spheres of application and markets
- foreign and domestic productions’ experience
- state activities regulating polymer waste recycling
- legislation regulating polymer recycling
Our conference has its history. First RePlast took place during UpackPlastic-2003, with assistance of the show’s organizers. The second conference was organized by PLASTIKS magazine together with Messe Duesseldorf and took place during the 8th Interplastica, an international polymer industry show, in 2004. After that RePlast taking place during Interplastica show became a tradition.  
The fifth, anniversary RePlast will take place on January, 30, 2008, during the 11th Interplastica Show. We are happy to invite everybody who’s interested in polymer recycling to take part in the event.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact conference managers
Tel./fax: + 7 (846) 276 40 45.
e-mail: - Eugenia Moshina - Xenia Kubrina
For more information please visit our web-site.

Program of the conference Replast-2008

Report points:
Savings due to recycling, maximum cleanness, no interruotion
Mechanical recycling of plastic materials and European directives: pros and cons
Polymer sсrap and waste recycling by granulators made by «Atlant» Inc.
Advantages of the Planetcalander for the processing of transparent sheet

Application of recycled polyamide in composite materials
Alloying agents Boosters in Recycling

Directional modification of polymer waste for recycling
Ecological aspects of choosing polymer materials for car parts

Plarus experience in PET bottles recycling
Processing recycled PET to baling band
Leasing of polymer equipment

Dry cleaning system from MAS
Production of PET-Flakes. Processing steps for better quality

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