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Germany’s packaging sector to return to growth


A 3.2% increase in turnover for Germany’s plastics packaging sector in the third quarter indicates the industry is likely to return to growth in 2010, according to trade body Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen (IK)

The trade body notes that the plastics packaging sector in Germany is healthier than many other areas. Although the plastics packaging sector shrank 12.2% for the first three quarters of the year, Germany’s industry as a whole decreased 18.2%.
Turnover for the plastics packaging industry was down 14% over the same period, compared to 17% for the plastics processing sector.
“The market share of plastics packaging has improved and continues to grow, while other materials lose market shares,” said IK.
The group says Germany's plastics industry is outperforming several other countries, particularly those hardest hit by the recession such as Spain and the UK.
However, Germany’s government must continue to support its plastics industry, especially as 2008 levels of growth will not return until 2013, said IK.
“We think it is necessary that the banks change their behaviour and get more flexible, especially considering the good long-term perspective of small and medium sized companies in the plastics packaging sector,” it said.

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