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The machinery should be up-to date  #10 (56), 2007

Plastiks magazine could not but take the opportunity to visit the plant which is occupied not only with molding car components but also with coloring them. So you are welcome to read the report form a young and well-known production in Togliatti PlastikS Ltd

Ready to color even foreign cars
Three years ago Krista group of companies from Syzran and Italian Geiko Comau agreed to build a shop for coloring exterior parts of Samara-2 series cars. Krista plants in Syzran started producing such large amounts of plastic wares that attracting special facilities for colouring became unprofitable. And it also concerned the quality.
Two years ago the newly established PlastikS company found a half-damaged plant in Togliatti and began clearing it, mounting of constructions, building a new shop and installing the necessary equipment. Everything was done within the shortest time. And the plant has been working for half a year already. Every story of the three-storeyed building has its technological task. The first has zones of loading and unloading of wares, control department and storehouse. The second has chambers of manual and automated burning, coloring chambers, department for colour selection, dryers. The third has auxiliary equipment, mainly for preparation and air heating.
Haitian injection molding machines for large-scale wares molding
For large-scale wares molding Ningbo Haitian Group Co., Ltd. offers a series of two-plate injection molding machines HTK of large and superlarge types with clamping force from 1200 to 6000 tons.
HTK machines are ideally suited for:
car components (bumpers, radiator enclosures, torpedo panel, interior door and ceiling trimming)
household appliances cases
wares for storehouses and building (pallets and boxes, separating road barriers, construction casing elements)
large-scale household wares (boxes and pallets, waste cabins, garden tables and chairs).
HTK Haitian series allows increasing the efficiency, improving precision, regulation, control and stability of the process, using module types of constructions.

Today the plant colors all Samara-2 series car parts produced by group of companies. And as the chief engineer of PlastikS Ltd. Pavel Tkachenko said, the plant has capacity reserve and in future colouring of Kalina parts is possible.
Pavel Yuryevich, could you colour exterior parts of foreign cars?
No problem! If they say to color Ford we'll do it, and will perform it well! We had test supplies to GM-Autovaz for Shevrolet-Niva and the customers were glad with the result. Our production is certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

Accurate adjustment is guarantee of success
In the course of time the plant faced the new problem: transportation of ready molded plastic parts to PlastikS and then of colored from the enterprise became very expensive. To reduce the expense the decision to produce some parts at the place was made. Thus, the plant got the molding shop.
Nowadays the new shop received a powerful Krauss-Maffei injection molding machine with 3200 ton clamping force. It makes the rear bumper – 500 parts in 24 hours. Then the Demag Titan with 1100 ton clamping force was installed there for moldings and spoilers production.
The most hard-working machines are two Haitian IMM of 1000 tons clamping force. Every machine produces 900 sole spoilers per 24 hours.
Pavel Yulyevich, why are the machines different? Wouldn't it be better to maintain the machines of the same brand?
First of all, the decision about equipment choice and spare parts supplies is made by the managing company. The second, for the staff various injection molding machines are a chance to get experience within the shop. All the machines are reparable. I have no claims.
Why have you underlined this characteristic?
Because there is no ideal equipment. In case of damage it is very important how fast you can repair it without the supplier's assistance.
Have you problems with service?
Just on the contrary, our suppliers provide us with all kind of service. For example when we installed Haitian injection molding machines the specialists form Moscow service center arrived. During the launch procedure they train the staff for operating these machines. For some extraordinary situation we can address Haitian representation in the Volga region. We have no questions to that company – all the machines are reliable and easy to handle.
Pavel Yuryevich, you have a unique opportunity to estimate Asian and European injection molding machines. Is there a difference?
No, as we work with the best suppliers! We have only up-to-date machines and they differentiate according to the task and capacity.
And what about intracorporate competition? With Syzran Plastik included in Krista group of companies, for example?
At Syzran Plastik they produce mainly interior parts. There are some exterior parts, bumpers for example. It is interesting to mention that when the experienced technologists from Syzran Plastik came to us and saw our bumpers they marked our quality is better. It is because much depends upon the machine and we have clever and easy-operated machines. And I understand the intention of the management to reduce transportation expense for moving exterior parts to Togliatti: we can also mold and color them. Thus we build a new molding shop and plan to buy the equipment – the molding program will be widened, at the expense of Kalina, I think.
Pavel Yuryevich, large-scale ware production is a technologically complex process. What factor is the key to success?
In my opinion, the most important thing is precise adjustment of the equipment, choice of the optimal heating mode, feeding mode. Our machines allow regulating all necessary parameters and the parts are high-quality.

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