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Olenta and FCS – a breakthrough at the Russian market  #10 (56), 2007

Olenta Company started its business activity at the polymer materials market and has recently become a supplier of equipment for manufacture of plastic molded wares. Leading specialist in sales of equipment Denis Pyataikin will introduce us this aspect of Olenta’s activity

Olenta and FCS – a breakthrough at the Russian marketDenis Georgievich, what is the activity profile of your company and how long has it been working in the Russian market?
- Our company was established over ten years ago. Today we are one of the largest importers of a wide range of high quality polymer materials from South-East Asia and Europe. Our business has structurally increased, new areas of activity appeared. In particular, we became a supplier of equipment for polymer raw material processing using injection molding method.
How did everything begin?
- Everything started from our customers-manufacturers who needed reliable equipment with minimum terms of delivery with high quality guarantee and post guarantee service. We fixed our choice on injection molding machines of Taiwanese factory FCS.
Why did you choose this factory?
- It was established in 1974 and is now the largest producer of plastic molding machines in Taiwan. Products of FCS factory are exported to over 80 countries of the world. The enterprise’s staff comprises 260 employees producing over 1500 machines per year. These machines are manufactured from high quality Japanese steels and are equipped with major units (hydraulic pumps, valves and hydraulic hose of Yuken production, Intermot hydraulic motor, Novo linear potentiometer, OMRON limit switches…) from well-known European and Japanese manufacturers. Among the company’s customers you can find such brands as Nokia, Toyota Motors, BMW, Volvo, Gmc, IBM, Coca-Cola, Barby, Microsoft. Quality of products is confirmed by the fact that in Taiwan Olenta was the first company in its industry to receive CE and ISO 9001 certificates. Deliveries of FCS equipment started 15 years ago. Over 80 machines were sold. But until 2007 the factory did not have a strong representative here.
Now such representative has appeared…
- Correct, since 2007 Olenta has been the exclusive representative of FCS factory in our country.
What tasks are in your responsibility as being the representative of the factory? What service do you offer your customers?
- There are service engineers in our team who had a special training on maintenance and repairing of FCS injection molding machines at the production plant and received certificates. We made provisions for high quality maintenance beforehand and organized a spare parts storage in Moscow. Many machine users who acquired FCS equipment before have already come to us to get technical consultations; they purchased consumable products for their injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment. We pay our attention to all users of FCS equipment regardless of when and from whom they purchased it.
For the sake of convenience of would-be customers we arranged an exhibition center in nearby Moscow region. There one can get acquainted with the equipment and test operation of a mold.
Who are your Russian partners and customers?
- Our injection molding machines of HT-I series have found their buyers in Moscow and Moscow region, in Ryazan, Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions, in the Krasnodar Territory and Tatarstan Republic.
What other models of injection molding machines can you offer your customers?
- FCS factory manufactures the widest range of horizontal injection molding machines with clamping force from 30 to 3500 tons in South-East Asia. FB series presents dual color injection molding machines, GU – gas assisted injection equipment, BMC – machines for molding compounds, LM – two platen injection molding machines, FT-U – thermosetting injection molding machines, PET – PET preforms production lines, AD – injection molding machines with open loop system, AF – high speed injection molding machines for thin-wall molding, FT – hydromechanical injection molding machines.
What auxiliary equipment can your company offer for FCS machines?
- FCS has long term relationships with the leading producers of auxiliary equipment and tooling for injection molding machines. By customer’s request FCS injection molding machines can be equipped with such auxiliary devices as color batchers, feeding systems, thermostatic regulators, drying hoppers, industrial cold-storage plants, crushers, robots and other. We can offer tooling of any complexity, manufactured by FCS factory or by well-known European producers.
In general, if you have to search for a supplier of equipment from South-East Asia, you should choose only FCS. Besides, the literal translation of Fu Chun Shin from Chinese means “Happy, Strong, Rich”.

You are welcome to visit our stand №P306 in pavilion №1 at Plastics Industry Show-2007 exhibition in Moscow on November 26-29.

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