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Vestamid for reliable gas pipes  #7-8 (53-54), 2007

degussaDegussa company offers state-of-the-art PA-12 high molecular weight extrusion brands for pipes and fittings for high pressure gas distribution plants

L-series VESTAMID® is a polyamide-12 brand belonging to Degussa, designed for pure resins and lauryl lactam monomer based compounds. This material, developed over 30 years ago, is the material of choice for making reliable devices like fuel pipes in passenger vehicles and air brake hoses in trucks.
New L-series extrusion compounds - VESTAMID® LX9030 and LX9031 – have lately been successfully used for making pipes and high-pressure gas delivering systems fittings.
What advantages can the new products offer? Advanced formulation of yellow VESTAMID® LX9031 guarantees hydrostatic strength, at the same time maintaining stable RCP. Long run tests for hydrostatic strength were carried according to ASTM D2837 standard for Obtaining Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB) for thermoplastic pipe materials and according to ISO 9080 standard estimating the long-term hydrostatic strength of thermoplastics materials by statistical extrapolation. The tests showed expectation MRS rate at 20oC at 20 MPa for LX9031. Expectation hydrostatic design basis (HDB) at 23oC is 3150 pounds for sq. inch for LX9030.
L-series VESTAMID® demonstrated good slow crack growth (SCG) resistance and rapid crack proliferation (RCP) due to strong molecular bonds, surpassing even the requirements for high-pressure gas plants. RCP characteristics were evaluated during S4 test (minor scale) and full-scale experiments.
VESTAMID® LX9030 and LX9031 are easy to process and demonstrate perfect dimension stability during pipe extrusion, especially in treating big-diameter pipes.
VESTAMID® is usually processed by general purpose extruders for polyethylene. It’s also possible to make fittings and other gas plants elements by injection molding. Anyway, molded parts’ surface quality always remains very high. Working temperature should be kept in the range 220-260?C.
Polyamide-12 is much more rigid than polyethylene, but pipes made of VESTAMID® LX9030 (110mm diameter, SDR – 11) are easily winded on a 2.7m-diameter drum right after the extrusion. Unwinding does not require any instruments and is performed at a spot where the pipes are installed.
Pipes made of VESTAMID® LX9030 and LX9031 are easily joined by upset welding and electric welding using same equipment as for polyethylene.
VESTAMID® LX9030 and LX9031 are supplied ready for use in waterproof packaging in 25 kg blocks or in 1000 kg octabins.
More information can be learned from Degussa specialists working in High Performance Polymers project group.

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