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Priorities: ecology, quality, range  #7-8 (53-54), 2007

КаустикSterlitamak Kaustik, as a member of Chamber of commerce and industry of Russian Federation that supports Khimia exhibition, regularly takes part in the named event since 1995. With the show taking place once in two years, the company took a stand in Expocenter six times, each time achieving notable success in mutually beneficial business communication with customers and competitors. Thus, for example, in 2005, during the 13th Khimia show, Kaustik’s stand was visited by over 1000 specialists in the sphere. In 2007 the company is going to demonstrate its priority business lines to the show’s visitors once again

Innovative approach
Since the very date of foundation Kaustik has focused on intensifying introducing innovations in manufacture. The company’s specialists are trying to apply sophisticated high-tech technologies in most diverse and complex projects. Priority tasks for the company are realizing energy strategy; recycling organochloride wastes and other ecological problems; expanding PVC, cable plasticates, flocculant and coagulant brand range at the same time advancing their quality.
Putting into life price reducing strategy, Kaustik develops its own components for various PVC-based formulations. Besides it, this work resulted in getting new inhibiting agents for making inhibited hydrochloric acid. Due to them it’s possible to achieve considerable economy. In this project there was also created a unique component for coating electrolytic-cell anodes.
JSC Kaustik (Sterlitamak) is known first of all as a caustic soda, PVC, cable plasticates, chloromethyl oxiranes and synthetical hydrochloric acid. Average annual sales rate, considering all the brand range available, is 9.5 billion rubles, including 1.4 billion export rate. The company is constantly increasing manufacture by means of innovative energy and resource saving technologies. The first half of 2007 showed output rate at 5.073 billion rubles, and exported output at 728.8 rubles. Output growth compared to the same period of 2006 is 5.9%. Income grew by 6.3% and achieved 4.902 billion rubles.
The company’s specialists have developed a technology for making corrosion-resistant varnish from self-made postchlorinated polyvinylchloride. The varnish demonstrated perfect efficiency in saving equipment, pipes and various metal constructions surfaces from aggressive media like gas, acids, alkali, saline solutions. Before that anticorrosion varnish was purchased from side producers.
Lately we can see Russian chemicals consumers show bid demand for special chemicals for pharmaceuticals; synthetic paints and pigments; lubricants, coatings, pesticides; reagents for rubber coatings; primary production; in making corrosion inhibiting agents, flavoring agents and other chemical products in small amounts.
Studying the market, specialists from Kaustik have come to a conclusion that sought for specialty chemicals – like terephthaloyl chloride, polyelectrolytes, corrosion inhibitors and others – are strongly competed by counterparts made abroad. Among the restraining factors we can name high prices for raw materials and energy, which evidently influences the price of the reagent produced. Consequently, advancing quality standards is the main way to improve competitive value. Moreover, Kaustik takes advantage of the ecologically safe methods for making specialty chemicals in relatively small amounts at semiscale and laboratory plants and in low-energy consumption reactors. Specialists think it necessary to make normative documentation for products answering the clients’ requirements and try to reduce delivery time.

Ecological safety
Today the principal aim for the company is realizing the program “Ecology and natural resources of JSC Kaustik for 2006-2010”.
The company’s major ecological object is biological sewage disposal plants. This is an object of immense importance not only for Kaustik, but for Sterlitamak city as a whole. In the company’s balance there are also settlers for low-mineralized waste water, gathering water from TPP, “Kauchuk” and some other factories of the city. The role of biological sewage disposal plants in maintaining ecological balance is extremely significant, so investing 60-70 million rubles annually in their reequipment Kaustik in this or that degree solves vitally important environmental protection questions.
In 2000 Kaustik took a decision to carry out a sewage disposal plants’ massive reconstruction, supposed to improve the manufacturing water quality to the maximum permissible concentration norms, accepted for first category fish-farm pools. In 2006 , after putting launching biosorbers and modernizing the equipment, used manufacturing waters’ quality was improved by 31% in suspended solids content, 23 times in ammonia nitrogen content, 2.5 times in organochloride contaminants’ content, 3.4 times in phenol content. The quicksilver maximal permissible discharge is also maintained. The company is going to keep minimizing quicksilver losses in caustic production by advancing the basic technological process in all aspects.
In the moment solid and liquid residues of perchloric hydrocarbon production, disposed at landfills since 1973, are the main problem at Kaustik. Five years ago the company started to combust liquid organochloride residues at a self-owned plant, which allowed to fully cut their disposal at landfill since 2006. This year Kaustik is going to introduce a new technology for combusting solid manufacture wastes in order to solve a task of their most full recycling and creating a closed production circle.

High quality standards
Being a complex industrial enterprise, Kaustik manufactures products in accordance with GOST, SovAsK and TEKSERT quality standards. All chemical products meant for using in oil and gas extracting and processing, are listed in the branch register of products, approved and accepted for using in petrochemical sector. Kaustik’s quality management system is certified according to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and ISO 9001:2000.

Modern packaging for products
Kaustik’s specialists well acknowledge that today, with the present-day situation in the market one can succeed only due to high quality and by satisfying at full clients’ requirements , including demands for packaging quality and visual characteristics.
Two of the three Kaustik’s basic products – PVC and cable plasticates – are packaged in 25kg polypropylene and paper multilayer bags and in 500-600kg big-bags.
In July, 2007 the company launched a new prepacking machine for packing the third basic product, solid caustic soda. The machine’s throughput is 5.3 tons an hour. It packs solid caustic soda in 50kg and also 25 kg PP bags and then automatically lay them on the trays and pack in pallets. With this technology applied manual force at prepacking stage is minimized, and expenses are cut by avoiding metal drums production, which were traditionally used as package for solid caustic soda. The process is fully automatic and is PC-directed.
Prepacking line was modernized performing the long-term program for introducing innovative technologies supposed to boost Kaustik’s position in the chemical market and developing profitable business partnership relations.

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