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Ningbo Haitian Group at ChinaPlas-2007  #6 (52), 2007

Traditionally ChinaPlas is the most important exhibition of polymer industry in Asia-Pacific Region. For the world’s largest manufacturer – Ningbo Haitian Group – participation in this forum opens yet greater opportunities in cooperation with plastics processors. Commercial director of representative office Haitian Russia Konstantin Kazantsev told us about the achievements the company presented at ChinaPlas-2007

What innovations did you present at ChinaPlas-2007?
— At ChinaPlas-2007 exhibition we demonstrated energy conserving machine of HTFW/J5 series, HTS biocomponent machine and all-electrical injection molding Ningbo Haitian Group at ChinaPlas-2007machine of HTD series. I should notice that Ningbo Haitian Group is the first company in China that has developed and started batch manufacturing of wholly electrical injection molding machines.
Energy conserving machine HTF160W/J5 manufactured thin-walled containers for food stuff; their weight being 16 grams and operating cycle making up 6.7 second. Peculiarity of this series is that machines are equipped with closed-loop servo motor controlling flow and pressure. It is a fast response motor, which enables to increase molding parameters frequency from cycle to cycle. This technology reduces energy consumption by 20-80%. There is no wonder that machines of HTW/J5 series aroused much interest among visitors of our exposition.
What position is Ningbo Haitian Group holding nowadays in the Chinese equipment market?
— Plastics consumption in China is one of the largest in the world, and as a consequence demand on plastic processing equipment is steadily growing. Among the whole range of processing equipment injection molding machines have the largest share exceeding 50%. If we consider growth rates of injection molding machines’ production and consumption, China is the most rapidly growing market in the world, and production and consumption here have been increasing by over 13% annually for the recent 5 years. Share of China in the worldwide market of injection molding machines’ production and consumption exceeds 60%, and this is evidence of demand for Chinese machines. In this market, the largest in the world, Ningbo Haitian Group has been a leader for the several years now and according to results of 2006 it occupies 25% of the Chinese injection molding machines market and over 60% of the market of large scale machine units. We were able to achieve such results due to perfect quality of our machines and properly arranged consumer services.
What distinguishes your company among your competitors in the Asian market?
— Last year our company celebrated its 40th anniversary. For that time it has built up the largest sales network and technical support service in the Asian region, has created a unique market ideology. Achievements of Ningbo Haitian Group are high quality of products manufactured, perfect aftersales service all around the world, solid business reputation. Alongside with the Asian market, machines of Ningbo Haitian Group are operating in 75 countries; the company has its representative offices in 40 of them. Over 36 thousand plastic processing enterprises all over the world utterly trust reliable business reputation of the company; they establish and develop their business with equipment of Ningbo Haitian Group.
What advantages does application of your equipment provide?
— First of all, there is perfect reliability/price ratio. Injection molding machines of Ningbo Haitian Group show excellent reliability in operation. The fact that over 45 thousand injection molding machines of Ningbo Haitian Group have been put into service only for the recent 3 years gives evidence of consumer confidence and reliability of the company – after all, unless quality is at the highest level there would be need for a large staff of service engineers and technical experts for constant repairing of such an armada! Series of injection molding machines by Ningbo Haitian Group allow polymer wares producers to implement various manufacturing programs, and modular structure of such machines enables to adjust them for any specific task.

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