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Color harmony with Clariant masterbatches  #6 (52), 2007

ClariantEver changing requirements of automotive industry today are resulting from necessity for rapid change of car models, short production cycle, as well as small volume of supplies. A lot of problems of modern automotive production can be solved with the help of products offered by Clariant – a toolkit allowing professional approach to car painting and to matching of color elements, regardless materials used for their manufacture

Noticeable even on sight viewing
One can hardly imagine the whole variety of materials applied in interior of a single vehicle! Here are thermoplastics colored in batch or decorated with various films, and textiles, leather and Alcantara. In contrast to underhood space or exterior, agreement or discordance of different materials in decoration of passenger compartment are particular noticeable; it becomes obvious at once how well coordinated was the work of all component parts suppliers. Even a non-expert will see if a leather seat is suitable to the door lining and how their colors interplay by alteration of light incidence angle – the so called metameric effect. It may reveal itself by change in gloss of various parts owing to surface and structure heterogeneity. By side-by-side comparison all drawbacks and discrepancies become too apparent!
Color harmony with Clariant masterbatchesBut even if you managed to achieve color harmony you are only half way through. You will have to solve more complicated tasks, such as for example protection from fogging effect (blackout of windscreen due to influence of exhaust gases), resistance of the materials applied to scratches and insolation.
To solve these and other problems Clariant offers carmakers a solution that presuppose application of CESA® additives system being a part of a wide range of company’s products. As a response to an urgent problem of automotive industry relating to reduction in vehicle weight, Clariant presents foam additives of HYDROCEROL® brand.
Due to close cooperation with the leading automotive designers and car components manufacturers, products of Clariant are successfully applied in the spheres where there is need for inexpensive color effects including on-line varnish finishing (color matching with the help of computer programs). Advantage of Clariant masterbatches lies in their wide application for processing both internal and external car components: shock absorber, body parts, door panels, safety belts system, cables, dashboard, lever arms, floor coverings, switches, interior trim.
Besides, Clariant develops and manufactures modified additives and composites with high impact viscosity based on raw polymers.

The royal road to Clariant
Manufacturers and suppliers of component parts, system equipment, plastics producers can always rely on specialists of Clariant who even at the preparatory stage will carefully consider any questions appeared, will offer a solution, and given a slightest doubt from customer’s side they will develop an alternative proposal. Every product of Clariant is a know-how. Every project, starting from its development to products manufacture, is provided by a team of highly skilled specialists. Professionals working for the company offer decisions that in the best way take account of products peculiarities and customer requirements.
Thanks to the company’s Global Network, developments, once successfully implemented, are available for a customer of Clariant almost in any corner of the world. In this regard a lot of attention is paid to compliance with national legislative regulations, as well as environmental standards, such as TS 16949 requirements.
Step by step, from one model to another, Clariant is developing a strategy of the royal road for every customer to the whole variety of company’s products and services. That is exactly the reason why an enterprise with such an integrated line of goods for automotive industry as Clariant occupies the biggest market share and also takes an active part in development of new models for the world’s largest automotive holding companies.
Owing to cooperation with Clariant it is possible to reduce time consumption and system costs incurred by car component producers to a minimum. That is what ensures the royal road to cooperation with Clariant.

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