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Polypropylene semi-finished products and wares  #5 (51), 2007

MAM TDMAM TD Ltd. has existed since 1992 in the Russian market and nowadays is the leading producer of polypropylene wares of domestic brands - from films in reels and sheets to various wares: stationery articles, packaging for industrial wares, food products, construction and horticultural industries

Main activity trends of MAM TD Ltd. are:
- polypropylene sheet production for manufacture of packaging and stationery articles;
- products die-cutting and personalization;
- manufacture of foam polypropylene for molding and die-cutting.
Polypropylene has good organoleptic properties, it is non toxic, has a slight paraffin smell or no smell at all, is oil and fat resistant. That is why it is more preferable to manufacture packaging for ice cream, milk mousse and jelly, sour cream, cheese, sausage and butter from polypropylene.
Foam polypropylene is the best choice for manufacture of disposable dishware, as it is resistant to hot water (its melting point being 150-1700C) and it can be used in direct contact with hot substances - coffee, tea. One more advantage of polypropylene is that it can be used for heating up quick-frozen ready-made food products as it is resistant to microwave energy and has necessary heat stability.
Today among the range of products of MAM TD Company there are:
- film reels with material thickness from 25 to 250 mcm;
- sheets of 350-2000 mcm thick;
- sheets of standard size 1000 x 700 mm.
Manufacture of sheets on individual sizes of a customer is possible for orders over 1000 kg. Polypropylene sheets may be manufactured with various surfaces: gloss, powder, fine sand, medium sand, coarse sand, diagonal. Plastic with gloss/gloss surface is treated with dispersed powder to prevent adhesion.
Lately the most wide-spread type of printing on polypropylene has been offset printing with UV and folic paints, as well as silkscreen and stencil printing. Only recently offset printing on plastics was performed mainly with folic paints and wares manufacture took a lot of time: printed sheets were laid out and piled in small stacks and a print run could dry for several days or even the whole week. Unlike folic paints, polymerization of UV paints take place instantly, which allows to pass over freshly printed sheet for further processing almost without delay.
Foam polypropylene manufactured by MAM TD Ltd. is intended for packaging of meat, fish, seafood, as well as cheese, sausage, semi-finished products, confectionery and fast food products. Wares from PP foam can withstand freezing up to -250C and heating in a microwave oven up to +1000C for an hour. The products packaged may contain vinegar, sauce, salt and oil.
Manufactured foam polypropylene corresponds to European quality requirements for packaging materials for food and pharmaceutical industries. The material is manufactured in film and sheet form 1000 mm wide and 700-2000 mcm thick.
MAM TD has developed a unique technology that improves quality of both transparent and nontransparent polypropylene sheet: its friability is significantly reduced while the impact strength is increased, which makes it possible to use this material at lower temperatures. The company's production is equipped with most up-to-date machines, only high quality raw materials and additives are applied. All materials are activated with charge to improve adhesion of paints and glue (activation period up to 4 months). All products of the company are certified and have quality assurance.

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