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Films: assortment abundance  #5 (51), 2007

Anna Vilens

Anna VilensYou must admit that films are unique semifinished products. First of all, because they can be manufactured from nearly all polymers - PE, PP, PVC, PET, thermoplastic polyurethane, PA. Secondly, they have unlimited applications and are no longer connected with pre-packing bags only. Film coating, films with data medium function… I suppose new film "genres" are likely to appear in future. In the third place, this field allows endless innovations - concerning properties of new film brands, equipment for films manufacture, etc. However, despite numerous changes there is one thing that always remains in demand - quality of film materials.
Hardly anyone would argue that the key to it is high professional skills of producers of these semifinished products. In this issue we open a topic devoted to personnel development and staff training for the plastics processing industry - in article "Where do they teach polymer industry workers?" - and we really hope for active participation of our readers in this conversation. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions addressed to
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