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Hasco - important element of a mold  #4 (50), 2007

HascoAt the recent exhibition Interplastica-2007 Hasco Company presented many innovations. At the disposal of Russian mold makers there is also the latest version of electronic catalogue where prices are specified for all Hasco standard elements, special software - CAD module with all 3D-model elements necessary for molds designing, as well as qualified consultations of the company's specialists

The team of Hasco at Interplastica-2007 exhibitionTo reduce the cycle time of wares manufacture (up to 30%) there is a new element meant for this purpose - cooling melt chamber insert H5300/…/S.
It is applied for optimal cooling of an injector in the place of shot and is manufactured on special orders. It is possible to use the insert in injectors of various types, such as Z3310ff/…, Z3410ff/…, Z201/…, Z3200/…, Z3500/… and Z3510/…
Hasco also manufactures inserts H5300/…/S for molds where injectors of other companies-producers of hot-runner systems are applied.
Application of H5300/…/S element replaces traditional expensive cooling system in a mold, it is an easy and efficient way to solve this problem (see picture 1).
Cooling melt chamber insert H5300/…/S
Picture 1. Cooling melt chamber insert H5300/…/S
Customers of Hasco have a unique opportunity to design a single-cavity mold with a shut-off needle using new universal needle valve Z10710/…
The development of Hasco is unique because it enables to manufacture not only single-cavity molds but also multi-cavity ones. While applying this valve one can also use two options to ensure shut-off needle motion.
The first option - to apply pneumatic cylinder Z10720/… together with the universal needle valve; it may be used in designing single-cavity molds (picture 2).
The second option - to apply hydraulic cylinder Z10715/… together with the universal needle valve. The hydraulic cylinder has very compact dimensions and is appropriate for application in both single and multi-cavity molds (picture 3).
Example of application together with pneumatic cylinder Z10720/…
Picture 2. Example of application together with pneumatic cylinder Z10720/…
It is possible to use universal needle valve Z10710/… together with standard injectors Z3340/…, Z34440/…, Z3345/… of types 25, 32, 40, 50, 60, Z103/… and other. Application of this element in multi-cavity molds is similar to application in single-cavity ones.
There are 4 variants of needle diameter available - 2, 2.5, 4 and 6 mm, besides the needle is fixed to prevent it from turning over.
Application of Hasco standard elements in molds design and manufacture enables to cut down time spent and thereby significantly to reduce time from the initial design stage to the final result - a mold manufacture and plastic wares production.
Example of application together with hydraulic cylinder Z10715/…
Picture 3. Example of application together with hydraulic cylinder Z10715/…
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