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We choose IzhAvtoInstrument  #4 (50), 2007

We choose IzhAvtoInstrumentThe best references for a company are grateful words from its clients. Judging by feedback of customers working with IzhAvtoInstrument Ltd., this famous Russian producer of tooling enjoys a solid business reputation

Nikolai Demakov, the chief of manufacturing engineering department of Hiton-Plast 2 Ltd. (Naberezhnye Chelny):
— There are several reasons why we have chosen IzhAvtoInstrument Company. First of all, there is a reasonable price-quality ratio. Secondly, there is accuracy in work performance time - here IzhAvtoInstrument leaves behind all other producers of technological tooling we used to work with. And in the third place, there is mutual understanding by resolving technical issues, regardful and friendly attitude during various talks, willingness to find a compromise if some disagreements arise.
It is very easy and pleasant to cooperate with IzhAvtoInstrument Ltd.

Vladimir Slavkin, director of Radian Ltd. (Izhevsk):
— We have been maintaining business contacts with IzhAvtoInstrument Company since 2005. We are satisfied with location of the company, competence of its management team, engineering and operating staff, as well as with the fact that its factory possesses equipment for manufacturing complicated molds. We always manage to reach a compromise solution on price questions. I would like to notice that any negative moments in the work, whether it is slow delivery or some inaccuracy in production drawings, are promptly and efficiently eliminated by the company's specialists.

Nataliya Lesnykh, chief engineer of PlastSIP Ltd. (Podolsk):
— We often recommend IzhAvtoInstrument to those companies needing tooling. It is always a pleasure not only to receive a high quality mold manufactured in due time, but also to discuss all the questions aroused with a friendly and highly skilled staff.

Dmitry Anatolyevich Zhuravlev, executive director of PressForm Ltd. (Tolyatti):
— IzhAvtoInstrument has good production capacities, a large experience in die manufacture, perfect quality of mechanical working of units and efficiently executes contract obligations.
I would wish the company to further improve its design work and quality of fitting works for die assembly and finishing.

Ivan Odegov, head of Tool Supply Department of Transmash Ltd. (Belev):
— IzhAvtoInstrument Company has a significant experience in die tooling manufacture. Advantages of this company over its competitors are technically competent specialists, flexible price policy, well-timed response to remarks and fast elimination of defects in the work, execution of complex orders on a high level.

Viktor Lvov, director of Delkam-Samara-D Ltd. (Samara):
— Our company made an order to IzhAvtoInstrument for manufacture of 5 dies within one month. It took its manager only two days to agree upon the contract and positively resolve all organizational questions without any red-tape delays! We also liked that all testing was carried out on die presses of our enterprise.

Maxim Pelevin, director of Sinto Ltd. (Ekaterinburg):
— Reasonable prices, friendly staff, stock of equipment allowing manufacture of large molds and dies that we need, possibility of computer-aided engineering of tooling - all these prompted us to make our choice in favour of IzhAvtoInstrument Company.

Alexandr Rozenkrants, chief engineer of Akvatechnika AP Ltd. (Moscow):
— IzhAvtoInstrument means a corporate culture, its own design engineers, a satisfactory price-quality rate; it is common efforts aimed at removal of defects until a positive result is achieved, it is competent approach to designing, and company's responsibility for its products.

All interested parties and partners of IzhAvtoInstrument Ltd. are invited to visit the company's stand №F19 in pavilion 1 at RosMould-2007 exhibition on June 13-15.

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