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Complex approach to automation  #4 (50), 2007

AtlantIncrease in production volume, development of methods and technologies of polymer materials processing on injection molding machines specify new requirements to automation of these processes. Equipment of JSC Atlant totally complies with these requirements

Automation mainly aims to provide a complete production cycle, to reduce production time, and thus, to increase efficiency of equipment, to improve product quality due to permanent and precise control over operating conditions, exclusion of manual labour and losses of material, reduction and exclusion of transport operations.
Structure of automatic complexes may vary and it is defined according to the product type, material and production requirements. The complex may include the following components: injection molding machines, raw material feeding device and driers, batchers, devices for removal of tramp metals, drying stoves or chillers, technological waste crushers, robots for discharge of finished goods, running system separating devices, conveyors to carry finished wares to the place of storage and packaging and many others.
Complex approach to automationApplication of robots in such complexes arises from necessity to exclude routine manual labour by discharging of finished wares and to release operational staff. Robotic automation enables to increase efficiency of equipment due to reduction of the cycle time, application of a delicate method for extraction of thin-walled, fragile and large-scale wares and complex shape products, accuracy of adjusting embedded parts into the mold, possibility to concentrate in one robot various functions performed in one cycle.
Development of technologies and new polymer materials processing methods also claim for perfection of the equipment applied. Processing of polymer materials require a complex approach to solution of every single task, and these tasks can be easily solved with the help of JSC Atlant equipment.

You are welcome to get acquainted with the operation of JSC Atlant equipment:

  • Vladimir, JSC Zavod Avtopribor, Osmanov Sergei Sergeevich, tel.: 8-4922-29-72-78;
  • Podolsk, The Podolsk Electrical Installation and Wiring Equipment Factory (JSC PZEMI), Razuvaev Alexandr Nikolaevich, tel.: 8-945-996-60-83

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