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Let recycling have a chance  #11 (45), 2006

Anna Vilens

Anna Vilens

In our country no one seems to have doubts that recycling on the whole and recycling in particular is certainly a benefit for economy and ecology of the state. Further than that, however, things hardly go: there is still no legislative framework as to this problem, no regulation mechanism for this market. As a result, whatever sphere of plastic wastes recycling we consider – the market is still in embryo.
However, recently smart Russian businessmen have stopped putting their hopes on “state course” and have found a more beneficial niche, obtained credits and leasing for equipment and technologies and now skillfully process plastic wastes into granules, films and even (in isolated cases) into fiber and bottles. They not only process, but also build market relations between their enterprises and solid domestic wastes grounds, suppliers and purchasing agents of initial and secondary raw-materials. This circle is becoming ever wider; technologies are more up-to-date, products – more varied. Evidence to it is materials published in “Topic of the issue” section of the present issue of the magazine.
Do you want to know about plastics recycling a little more? You are welcome (as a reporter or a listener) to RePlast-2007 conference that Plastiks magazine will organize for the forth time already within the frameworks of Interplastica exhibition. By the way, materials of this conference will be published in №3, 2007 – so keep track of publications!

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