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Make any shade you want  #7-8 (41-42), 2006


Repi, Italy, offers state-of-the-art polymer coloring technologies

The world of nature surrounding us is multi-colored - white mountains, yellow deserts, blue rivers and sky, emerald sea, trees and grass with their hundreds of shades of green. Enjoying all this man feels eager to see the things he makes - tissues, clothes, household appliances, furniture and his house, apartment or office interior - multi-colored as well. Producing the things mentioned - household supplies, furniture and construction materials -plastics are used more and more often. So it's necessary that they could acquire the whole shades range to correspond to a certain style, match the environment and answer the production color code.

Repi has for over 30 years been helping its clients to get the colors they want. With Repi's production you can color any polymer (PVC, PU, ABS, PP and others) thousands of shades of color - those from Pantone and Pal palettes or imitating cloth, leather, wood, stone or linoleum samples.

Repi office in ItalyRepi offers not just colorants but a state-of-the-art complex technology that allows a client to color plastic goods he produces quickly and efficiently.

PVC or ABS furniture edgings, PVC profiles for plinth, PVC sheets for wall or ceiling panels, polyurethane cast floor - it's very important their color matches the interior elements of the environment. In what way can this be achieved?

Repi offers a simple way - using basic colorants. 10 colors are enough to get any shade you need. Basic colorants by Repi are monopigment dispersions, liquid like most of the colorants produced by the company. To get the desired shade a producer mixes basic colorants in certain proportion defined by Repi laboratory after the optimal variant has already been discussed and found.

To begin, one needs just a balance and a mixer or a special shaker besides a set of basic colorants. With a spectrophotometer given a colors data base a client can set the needed shades formula himself.
What are the advantages Repi basic colorants technology gives? First of all, it causes considerable economy as 10 colorants are enough to mix all the desired shades. As a result, Repi's clients' stock provides every means to answer the manufacture needs, being very compact.

Repi manufacturing workshopRepi dosing unit gives the prepared colorant to the extruder or injection molding machine through the injector that is placed next to the bunker, right before the entrance to the screw. That is, only non-colored material passes through the bunker, which simplifies cleaning when the colorant is changed. Liquid colorant has another advantage over traditional powder ones as it fully covers the material granules, providing more homogeneous coloring.

There are some productions where the color range needed is quite limited (polycarbonate profile and sheet extrusion, PET-preforms molding). In this case it would be more convenient to buy ready-made liquid colorants Repi supplies. Even if only basic colors are traditionally used in manufacture, there can appear a need for so-called "special effects", like pearly or metallized color. Then the needed amount of specific colorant is custom made.

Repi has an office in Moscow that offers help in choosing a colorant and applying them in a client's production. Local technical service can bring a dosing unit and colorants to the client to test it and demonstrate the technology in action, and also to train the staff to use it efficiently.

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