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"Chiton-Plast 2": composites processing and production  #7-8 (41-42), 2006

Chiton-Plast 2

Having started its activity in 1999 with manufacture of composites for automotive industry, Chiton-Plast 2 became the largest producer of composite materials and plastic car components in Tatarstan

Materials production
One of the main trends of activity of Chiton-Plast 2 Ltd. is still designing and manufacturing of new types of composite polymer materials corresponding to modern requirements and finding a wide application in many spheres of industry. Currently the enterprise keeps the leading positions in Tatarstan Republic manufacturing composite materials for automotive industry.
The company produces composite materials based on polypropylene modified with artificial rubber. This material is characterized by increased resistance to mechanical impact and shock, by influence of low temperatures as well, it possesses perfect adhesive properties, which enables to perform surface coloring of elements made of this material, without excluding coloring-in-mass opportunities, and it also has a number of other advantages.
Besides, Chiton-Plast 2 manufactures mineral-filled polypropylene, pigments superconcentrates for polymers; it prepares launching of dynamic thermoplastic elastomers - materials that combine rubber properties by operation and thermoplastic properties by processing.
Composite materials are manufactured at two modern high-speed lines; it enables Chiton-Plast 2 Ltd. to compete with enterprises producing similar product by quality and price. Nowadays materials of this company are used for manufacture of 80% of plastic car components for Oka model, 25-30% - for KAMAZ, and 10% - for VAZ-2107 car.
The company is constantly working at improvement of manufacture, design and development of new composite materials.

Plastics processing
Plastic wares manufacture of Chiton-Plast 2 Ltd. is equipped with up-to-date injection molding machines with clamping force 50-1600 tons and volume molded per shot from 63 to 9650 cm3.
Currently the plastic wares manufacture puts out the following products:

- 95 items of plastic parts for Oka model;
- 64 items of plastic parts for KAMAZ lorries;
- 20 items of plastic parts for consumer goods;
- polyethylene film with molten bubble 500x1500 mm wide and 0,04-0,2 mm thick.

The plastic wares manufacture includes a laboratory for checking physical-mechanical properties of raw materials purchased and products manufactured. Modern highly efficient laboratory equipment (device for determination of flowability indices of thermoplastic melt; tensile testing machine for determination of physical and mechanical properties of materials by extension, compression and flexion; thermal vacuum chamber for testing wares on frost-resistance properties) allows to perform constant permanent control over production and quality of the products manufactured.
This year Chiton-Plast 2 intends to certificate its laboratory according to western standards and afterwards to bring the whole production in line with international systems of quality.

Perspective projects
Reliability of the company and quality of the products manufactured have been appreciated by domestic and foreign automakers. Since August 2006 JSC UAZ is going to close its own production of car components and to give commission for manufacture of them to Chiton-Plast 2 Ltd. The program comprises 140 positions and in future will be enlarged on 24 components for domestic outlander Patriot.
Besides, the company received an official offer from JSC SeverstalAvto for delivery of plastic car components for Fiat Albea model, production of them starting next year in Naberezhnye Chelny. Chiton-Plast 2 is planning to arrange manufacture of molding flat-sheets (SMC-technology) and wares made of them. This question has already been negotiated with a would-be investor - one of the largest investment companies of the Republic; manufacture will be located in a free economic area of Elabug. The government of the Republic pays a lot of attention to this project.
"Our target, - says director of Chiton-Plast 2 Ltd. Albert Suleimanov, - is to become one of the three leading enterprises of the Russian Federation in the sphere of production of car components through fulfillment of several perspective projects. Our knowledge of the market; our experience and our specialists will assist us in this.

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