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Basell polyolefins: diversity of choice  #7-8 (41-42), 2006

Basell polyolefins

Basell, one of the biggest polyolefin producers in the world, manufactures several hundreds of polyethylene and polypropylene brands: basic as well as special with improved characteristics. This diversity allows the clients to choose a material with any property needed for his production.

Basic brands
All polypropylenes (PP) are divided into 3 groups: homopolymers, random- (stat-) copolymers and hetero- (block-) copolymers for various needs.
Unlike Russian PP producers, Basell offers very diverse brand range. The company produces materials that don't have Russian analogues. That is, Basell offers wide range of highly fluid homopolymers and copolymers (with melt flow rate 60 and over) used, for example, for making large thin-walled wares. Mostly Moplen PP brands are supplied. Hostalen PP brands are used for pipes extrusion.
HDPE and LDPE have the widest brand representation in Basell assortment - these are Hostalen and Lupolen brands. They are used in particular for blowing films and small and big containers (flasks, canisters and barrels) blow extrusion.

Special brands
Basell polyolefinsIn its scientific centers Basell has created special polyolefin brands with improved properties, that, combined, make every brand family unique. A plastic goods producer can use a special brand as a single material for production or use it as an additive improving materials quality.

> Flexibility + impact resistance = Adflex
Adflex is a highly flexible, soft, strong polyolefin with low tendency for buckling.
Adflex is often used as a modifying agent, mixed with basic PE and PP brands. With 5-30% of modifying agent impact resistance can rise with transparency characteristics saved and elasticity module can be changed. Adflex can be processed using standard molds. These brands are used mainly in consumer goods production, plastic dishes, buckets, containers and in films production for characteristics modification.

Specialization: manufacturing polyolefins and compounds, working out and licensing manufacturing technologies.
Geography: head office in the Netherlands, offices in Belgium, Germany, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong. Productions in 21 countries. Sales to over 120 countries.
World leading polypropylene producer.
Polyethylene producer #1 in Europe.

> Rigidity + resistance to deformation = Adstif
Adstif is a more rigid and better resistant to deformation PP retaining shape at high temperatures. Adstif can be used in hot filling processes. Using Adstif helps to make the articles walls thinner with the same mechanical properties. Adstif brands are used for manufacturing plastic furniture, household appliances and other electrical appliances housings.

> Impact resistance + transparency = Clyrell
Clyrell is a PP, combining high impact resistance, transparency (surpassing standard heterophase polymers transparency), shiny glow, improved scratch resistance and high resistance to whitening under load.
Clyrell PP can be used in contact with food. They are used if requirements to visual characteristics and mechanical properties are high. They serve a material for toys, food and technical materials packaging. They are used as well for improving transparency and impact resistance properties for goods made by injection molding.

Basell polyolefins> Transparency + rigidity = Metocene
Metocene is a highly transparent and more rigid PP. It has high gas and liquid barrier properties, low buckling, resistance to chemicals surrounding, it is shiny and has perfect organoleptic characteristics.
Using Metocene it's possible to bring down materials consumption. The material properties allow it to compete with amorphous polystyrene. Metocene is mostly used for making CD and DVD cases, food containers, plastic dishes, props and trays.

> Specially for medicine - Purell
Purell is a polyolefin made specially for medicine. Its quality is under strict control and it answers highest purity standards. Purell can be sterilized; it's transparent, rigid and impact resistant, easily colored and processed. Other Purell characteristics include resistance to autoclaving, radiation, puncture and chemicals effect.
Basell polyolefinsPurells are mainly used for containers, medicine packaging and disposable syringes rpoduction.

> Specially for automobile construction and electrical engineering - Hostacom and Hifax
Hifax is a series of compounds designed for automobiles' exterior finishing. Hostacom are compounds for automobile interior parts and also for electronics and electrical engineering. Their rigidity, strength, shrinkage, creep and temperature of deformation under heat can be modified with the help of additives (talc and glass).
Picture 1. Rigidity and impact resistance balanceHostacom and Hifax brand ranges answer the standards of automobile construction, instrument-making and electrical engineering.
Among Hotacom and Hifax materials there are glass- and mineral-filled brands, colored non-filled and elastomer-modified brands. Some brands allow fluidity modification, which gives an opportunity to manufacture goods with thinner walls and lower shrinkage. There are also brands, stabilized to UF and heat radiance, resistant to yellowing, brands with antistatic additives, low smell excretion, low expanding under heat coefficient, lower vibration and noise level, improved scratch resistance and many others.
Some brands' main characteristics are shown at picture 1.
Simplex is Basell's official distributor and offers the whole variety of materials at the Russian market.

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