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G.N.Plastics thermoformimg equipment – reliability, quality, efficiency  #5 (39), 2006

G.N.Plastics thermoformimg equipment – reliability, quality, efficiency

Canadian company G.N.Plastics Ltd. has been working in the thermoforming machines market since 1980. Nowadays 275 companies in more than 60 countries all over the world are working with over 1000 G.N. machines.

Taking into consideration significance and prospects of Russian packaging market, at which over 80 G.N. thermoforming machines are already operating, TET – Thermoforming Equipment and Molds Ltd. – an official representative of G.N.Plastics Ltd. in Russia started its work since October 2005 in Moscow.

G.N.Plastics Ltd offers its customers three technologies.

1. Contact heat technology - its characteristic feature is combination in one stage processes of film’s heating, molding and cutting of a ware. Model range of machines based on this technology is represented by a wide range of models – from the simplest ones with minimum options to the most complicated equipped with computers and robotic stackers. Sizes of molding area vary from 430x330 mm to 1140x813 mm. That enables to choose the most optimal machine depending on customer’s needs and product’s dimensions.

It should be noticed that machines working by this technology have rather serious advantages:

  • high reliability due to simple construction;
  • low price of tooling (molds), possibility to manufacture them at your own production with G.N. support;
  • low electric power consumption thanks to application of contact heating system;
  • low air and water consumption for molds cooling;
  • high speed of molding;
  • relatively small sizes of machines, which means saving of production areas;
  • simplicity of molds changing; additional heating pad allowing to minimize time on molds changing;
  • easy maintenance with large intervals of time.

All these machine models perfectly suit for operation with such types of material as OPS, PVC, HIPS, and PET for manufacturing such wares as containers, cake-boxes, lunch-boxes, blister packaging, carriers and other, achieving depth of molding up to 125 mm.

2. TM tilt mould technology – it is a technology of molding and cutting within one stage with following shifting of lower machine’s table from vertical to horizontal position and pushing out ready-made wares into stacker. 1406TM-B and 1407TM-B machine models are constructed by this technology. The main difference between 1406 and 1407 models is that the latter one is equipped with lower and upper heater of large length and capacity enabling successful operation with polypropylene. 1406 machine model perfectly suits for work with such materials as PET, HIPS, PS, PVC, ABS and other. 1407 machine model is meant first of all for work with polypropylene and the materials mentioned above. The following kinds of product are manufactured at these machines: covers, including covers with cuttings for hot drinks, cups with complicated edge configuration, yoghurt containers and other.

Machines of TM series are characterized by:

  • molding speed up to 45 cycles a minute;
  • molding both in positive and negative directions;
  • low electric power consumption;
  • high reliability;
  • easy maintenance with large intervals;
  • small dimensions.

3. DM dual mould technology – it is a technology patented by G.N., based on application of two molds to provide high speeds of thermoforming. This technology makes the basis of the latest innovation of G.N.– 1914DM machine model, for the first time introduced at K-2004 exhibition in Duesseldorf.

Principle of this machine’s operation is described in an article in Plastiks, #11, 2005. All the models of thermoforming equipment mentioned above have certificates of conformity to State Standards of Russia and hygienic certificates. Technical documents and operating of machines are presented in Russian language. There is a storehouse of spare parts in Moscow. Further information about G.N. equipment you can find at

We are looking forward to meeting you at Rosupak-2006 exhibition.

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