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Brueckner: solutions for effective films production  #5 (39), 2006

high-speed line at Evromet

In order to assist and support films’ producers all over the world Brueckner offers its latest elaborations for manufacture of high-quality biaxial-oriented and non-oriented film from such materials as PP, PET, PA, PS, PET-G, PE, PI, PLA, PVC and many other polymers. The two main tendencies are taken into consideration here: constant striving for optimization of production costs and frequently changing market’s requirements.

Rapid and efficient change of product

The market expects films and packaging production sector to be more and more flexible. Nowadays the market is characterized by relatively small capacities and films’ producers have to change production program several times a day.

- Our customers have to switch over from white to transparent or pearl film within a short period of time, which means our machines should be superflexible, - says Peter Mertes, managing director of Brueckner Russia Ltd. – That is why Brueckner offers flexible extrusion and materials loading systems guaranteeing rapid and efficient change of product. Strict level control of day silos compared with a completely automatic product changing procedure considerably reduce the time of switching over to a new product.

Flexible multipurpose lines

As the market requires small lots, a multipurpose line capable to process several types of polymers could become a perfect alternative to traditional equipment. New conceptions of Brueckner lines enable to process various combinations of material with similar characteristics:

- PP, PE, PLA, PET-G, PS for added value packaging films or synthetic paper;
- PET-G, PS, COC, PVC, PLA for mono-axial shrink film applied for production of modern labels and sleeves;
- PS, PLA for thick film (for instance, for thermoforming);
- PET, PA, PLA, COC for numerous decisions in the packaging sphere, such as high-barrier and twist wrap films or treatment free metallizable film.

Peter Mertes emphasizes:

- Our multipurpose lines are noticeable for their module construction and can be readjusted at any time depending on changing customer’s or market’s needs. Thanks to high flexibility in future the lines are capable to manufacture new types of film corresponding tendencies of the market.

For films’ producers it is beneficial to have an extended range of products, including the possibility to produce added value specialty films. Besides, there is lower investment risk due to a larger number of polymers processed.

Striving for higher economic efficiency

For the high output production of commodity films Brueckner lines ensure a customer high economic efficiency due to the following factors:
- advanced chain track systems to provide maximum speeds;
- fully automatic Speedy Threader system for films transportation guaranteeing higher speed and safety of work;
- revolutionary linear motor winding system Liwind producing excellent factory rolls and perfect quality of film;
- Manufacturing Management System (MMS) providing efficient plant management.

To reduce energy consumption Brueckner has worked out trend-setting solutions:
- oven heat recovery system for 30% energy saving;
- TDO exhaust air control;
- twin-screw extrusion reducing energy consumption;
- regenerating energy for line drive systems;
- water-cooled motors that save air condition power;
- extrusion system with direct drives avoiding gear losses;
- energy management system;
- stand-alone power station for electrical and thermal energy.

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