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Plastiks Catalogue: Promising Debut  #4 (38), 2006

At Plastics Industry Show there was the “first night” of the first specialized business-catalogue.

Dmitry Ishchenko
Alexandr Ogai
Natalya Larionova
Vaniamin Alpern
Olga Schnorr Von Karolsfeld

It has become a good tradition for Plastiks Media to introduce its projects at Plastics Industry Show: in 2002 it was Plastiks magazine, in 2006 – Plastiks Catalogue the first business-catalogue for plastics producers. It’s interesting that four years ago there was already an idea to create a catalogue to embrace the situation in the industry. But at that time neither publishers, nor the companies that were to be the subject of the project, nor even the industry were ready to make it. A favorable moment was chosen to create a catalogue: domestic plastics processing and plastics producing industry grown to such an extent in 2006, showing rapid development that developing any business in the sphere became hard without information systematization. That was mentioned by Alexandr Ogai, Professia publishing house director, at Plastiks Catalogue-2006 presentation.

- It was always so strange for me that there existed no adequate catalogue about an industry that grows so rapidly every year. Just compare: there are three competing business catalogues about the food market.

The Catalogue’s practical importance was mentioned by everybody – the authors, the companies and the readers.

- Plastiks Catalogue is a sharp necessity for people involved in plastics processing as well as for equipment and materials suppliers, - said Natalya Larionova, head of Maxima exposition company. – This information is sought for and the authors have gathered really impressive amount of necessary information.

It’s obvious that Plastiks Catalogue will become a handbook for Russian polymer businessmen but “the authors’ ambitions spread far ahead – it’s clear from the reviews the Catalogue contains”, says Vaniamin Davydovich Alpern, head of Solvay affiliate in Russia. Those who took part in the presentation have noticed that polymer industry segments expert reviews have made a face of Plastiks Catalogue and helped to correspond to the standards of the best foreign analogues.

Numerous compliments were paid at the presentation to the authors and experts, to advertisers, those who had taken part in the project realization and to colleagues from other mass media. There were suggestions that the catalogue should be better organized and translated into English. Dmitry Ishchenko, the project chief manager, said:

- Many observations have already become obvious to us and they will be considered in the Catalogue 2007 version. The work is well-organized. We hope to pay more attention to expert reviews in future. So we offer collaboration to specialists not only from Russia, but from Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. We are also waiting for better market activity. Just see: out of 2.500 invitations that we had sent only 800 we accepted. But taking part in the project was free!

However, Plastiks Catalogue is almost sure to be a success: this could be directly concluded from the interest it aroused among the first readers – Plastics Industry Show visitors. This attitude could be noticed in the speeches at the presentation. Alexandr Ogai said:

Inna Artyomenkova Valentin Volodin

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