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Hot-stamping foil of ORTOchem– your success in business  #4 (38), 2006

Hot-stamping technology for coloring PVC-wares has been applied by Russian and foreign producers over 10 years now. For that time a lot of PVC linear wares' producers were able to appreciate its advantages.

This way of coloring is distinguished by relatively low price of initial investments in launching of production process, simplicity of production process, a wide choice of colors. To paint PVC linear wares by hot-stamping method it is necessary to get a machine for hot-stamping, which is embedded in production line, to draw in two operators for changing tubes with foil of different colors (special operators' training is not required), to purchase hot-stamping foil of various designs – and you could start production.

Undoubted advantage of hot-stamping technology for coloring PVC linear wares is a wide range of products this method could be applied to. These are wall and ceiling panels, bath shields, linings, profile, furniture edging, floor moldings, universal corner and other.

Nowadays ORTOchem can offer its customers over 350 designs of hot-stamping foil for PVC linear wares coloring. Among them are fabrics imitating natural materials (wood, natural stone, leather), as well as fantasy designs combining quiet or bright colors. In 2005 its catalogue was supplemented by metallized designs. All these designs have been long applied by PVC linear wares' producers both in Russia and in Europe and are in steady demand. However, striving to keep up with the times and to offer its customers designs able to be bright samples of successful design decisions, ORTOchem does not stop halfway and starting from the year of 2005 it is constantly updating its collection. So, nowadays the company actively offers its customers over 10 designs you never find in any other catalogue of hot-stamping foil. Besides, ORTOchem gives its customers a wonderful opportunity to produce wares with their own unique pattern! They only have to give a sketch with any pattern and in three months already the customer will be able to get rolls of hot-stamping foil with the pattern chosen and optionally in several color decisions.

So, choosing ORTOchem you choose available production technologies and your success in business.

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