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Rosmould: in the basis of molds’ market  #3 (37), 2006

21-23 June, 2006 Expotim international exhibition company organizes in Moscow the first in Russia International Molds’ and Dies’ Exhibition.

On practice Russian specialists introduce technological processes of molds’ and dies’ manufacture almost in every branch of industry. So, market of application and introduction of unique molds production in the Russian Federation and nearby states practically has no limits. The only difference between domestic event and its standard –Euromold exhibition – is that it is organized in Russia where the market is still being formed and is on its initial stage. This highly specialized exhibition should become a connecting link, basis the market will develop on. That is why at the exhibition to come a special attention will be paid to Russian producers, to support of technologies and partnership with western companies. A number of topical events with participation of the largest world figures of molding industriy will take place within the framework of the exhibition.

The following group of products will be introduced at Rosmould:

  • projecting and designing
  • equipment and tooling
  • model building
  • prototyping
  • dies’ production
  • molds’ production
  • technological tooling
  • production of wares from plastics, metal, rubber, ceramics, glass
  • raw products and materials
  • CAD/CAM systems

A number of companies from Russia, CIS and far abroad countries have already announced their participation in the exhibition. They are: Imid Ltd., JSC Zavod Progress, Engineering Company AB Universal Ltd., KLE Grupp Ru Ltd., Polipak Ltd., Objekt Geometries, Csplastech, Hacim Makina, Ekol, Baliteh Ltd., Cizgi Kalip, Spetstekhosnastka, Marmara, Aksem, Tekhnodin, Tek-Is Erozyon, Electromagnetica, Elma, Erkoc, JSC SiP Chemicals, Hayat Goksan, Flash Kalip, Necumer GmbH, Gomelsk Factory of Specialized Instrument and Technological Tooling, Ural Center of Technological Tooling Ltd., ITD ltd.

Organizers of the exhibition Expotim Ltd. think that its success depends on a number of factors. First of all, it is visitors of course. Not less important factor, however, is group of exponents, conferences held within the exhibition, partners, support and other. At the moment success of the exhibition is 90% guaranteed by combination of the factors mentioned. Organizers’ team continues active work on forming base of visitors, on promoting the exhibition abroad, especially in European countries, and so on. Conferences are organized with participation of significant figures in each topical group; number of exponents is growing in geometric progression. That is why Expotim’s management states with confidence that Rosmould exhibition is to become a significant annual event of the industry.

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