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Creative search and plans  #9 (31), 2005

Olga Prudovskaya

Olga Prudovskaya editor-in-chief By tradition autumn for our magazine is a time of renewal. It is connected with seasonal rise of business activity after relative summer calm and with start of subscription campaign for the next year and with making topical plans for it.
It is not the first time we change outlook of our magazine making it more up-to-date and corresponding to dynamics of the industry. Due to it its content becomes more compact and capacious and information – more vivid. And if all this does not irritate the eyes but on the contrary makes reading of Plastiks more pleasant and useful, our aim is achieved.
Of course, not only form but also content of our magazine will undergo changes. The content is constantly being worked at, as a result – there are new authors, sections, topics. In the nearest future (alongside with traditional reviews of markets, equipment, materials and technologies) you will find in Plastiks even more "live" material – question polls, experts’ opinions and interviews on topics urgent for the industry.
Besides, we still strive for efficient providing our readers with necessary information, that means we try our target readership to receive Plastiks timely. It is connected with more active participation in industry exhibitions in Russia and abroad, as well as with introducing various subscription schemes, among them everyone will find more suitable variant for his company.
As for topical scheme for the next year, you can get acquainted with it right now (see the third page of the cover) and make decision not only on subscription to our magazine, but also on more beneficial cooperation – creative one. In this connection we hope the status of our readers will not prevent them from becoming authors of articles or at least of interesting questions and topics for discussions. We are looking forward to them at and , as well as at the forum of our site

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