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SHINI - a balance of price and quality  #10(150), 2015

SHINI Plastics Technologies, Inc. - a global manufacturer of peripheral equipment, which main facilities are allocated in China – is well known to Russian plastics processors. Under the brand ‘SHINI’ a complete range of peripherals is produces for the plastics processing industry: drying and feeding systems of the raw, waste recycling systems, thermostating and cooling systems for molds and IMMs, process automation facilities, etc.

The equipment of SHINI, not being the cheapest or the most high-tech, demonstrates the optimal price/quality value. SHINI is one of the most famous brands in Russia and in the world, since it excels the rest Asian manufacturers in terms of equipments reliability, whilst the European companies are surpassed in terms of prices. The complete list of auxiliaries includes hundreds of products, capable to meet the needs of the most modern plastics processors.

SHINI Russia is the company’s official distributor, having the own service center and warehouses of equipment and spare parts in Moscow and Vladivostok. SHINI Russia is a subdivision of Eastex Technologies – the large vendor of equipment, staffed with employees having all the necessary competences and experience, which ensured the dynamic development of subdivision. In the service center both warranty and post-warranty service is rendered, supply of spare parts is provided. Center’s engineers have a vast experience in commissioning and repair of peripheral equipment. Employees of representative office are ready to provide an expertise, give consultations, supply with instructions or deliver spare parts for any equipment of SHINI. Assistance to Russian plastics processors will be provided even if the periphery was acquired from other suppliers or on the domestic Chinese market.

Consider some of the achievements of SHINI Russia:
 - 12 years of experience in Russia;
 - a large stock of the most demanded spare parts and accessories;
 - more than 1,000 successful projects, including the delivery of the first in Russia SHINI’s machine of cascade crushing;
 - more than 3,000 sets of spare parts and components supplied to the customers within the terms of service support;
 - 80 percent of deliveries to Russia of the official SHINI’s equipment in 2014.

Eastex Technologies with its subdivision SHINI Russia in entered in the register of authorized SHINI’s distributors and is the only official distributor from Russia, which is listed on the official site of SHINI. Today on the Russian market, in the contrast to the European one, the equipment of SHINI is supplied by a number of vendors, most of which are not the direct partners of SHINI but are engaged solely in the resale of equipment, buying it on the domestic Chinese market. Clearly, such vendors cannot provide the required level of service. Hence – to get the most beneficial prices and the service of international level one can only having addressed to SHINI Russia - a division of Eastex Technologies.

In May 2015, at the Chinaplas trade fair, SHINI held a meeting with all its key foreign distributors and summed up the results of various regional teams for 2014. As a result, SHINI Russia has won an award as the best international distributor of 2014, which is the best proof of adequate prices and a high level of service offered.

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