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Russian robotic manipulator GRINIK  #10(150), 2015

GRINIK robots of the Russian company AvangardPLAST are the industrial cantilevered manipulators, intended for servicing IMMs, various CNC machines (milling, turning and grinding), machining centers, stamping and forging presses

GRINIK robots are versatile and can be used in various production lines. Having freed the machine operators for more responsible tasks, automated assistants can take over a mass of routine jobs: loading/unloading of workpieces, finished parts and their inter-machine handling, labeling articles, trimming, blowoff, stocking and much more.

Clear, that use of robots allows to:
 - significantly reduce the number of employees, thus saving on the payroll;
 - reach the ultimate performance of equipment;
 - ensure the work of the workcell in around-the-clock mode, stability of production cycles and product quality;
 - improve economic efficiency via reduction of the product’s prime cost;
 - eliminate human factor, reduce the waste volume and injuries of employees by times;
 - more rationally use the shop’s area .

Among the merits of just the Russian GRINIK robots - affordable price and ensured rapid payback of this automation system. Lower cost is achieved not only due to the low rate of ruble against the major world currencies, but also because of the plain architecture of robots, which allows to apply inexpensive components, make substantial savings on assembling and installation.

AvangardPLAST, Ltd. – is the only Russian manufacturer of robotic cantilevered manipulators, which are both series-produced and manufactured individually, according to the customer’s specification. Versatility and plain architecture of GRINIK robot allow to supply it in different versions, not subjecting basic model to any serious structural changes, which obviously provides a low cost of all dimension-types. Depending on the task robot is manufactured – of required dimensions, accuracy class, movement speed, load-carrying capacity, with 3-5 movement axes.

Robots can be equipped with the mechanisms in need:
 - mechanical, magnetic or vacuum grippers;
 - milling cutters;
 - scissors;
 - welding heads;
 - laser scanners;
 - filling systems (of silicone sealant, glue or whatever).

Depending on financial capacity of the customer robot will be assembled (a la carte) from economical Russian components, expensive European and Japanese components, or available Korean, Chinese or Taiwanese ones.

Due to the versatility of the components and fine-tuned assembly process, assembling of robots is fulfilled just ASAP (as soon as possible). The company provides after-sales service, robots’ repairing, teaches the staff of the customer’s enterprises to operate automation systems.

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