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Tagil Chempark is looking for partners  #8 (90), 2010

Uralchimplast, the leading Russian producer of synthetic resins and plastics, realizes innovative infrastructure project named Tagil Сhemical Park. CEO of Uralchimplast, Alexander Zvonov told Plastiks magazine about project scope and importance.

– Alexander, could you tell us what idea represents a base of Tagil Сhemical Park project?
Deciding to establish it on the base of Uralchimplast we judged from the fact that the fundamental wealth of Russia and particularly Ural is primary resources for chemical industry and high-level oil and gas processing. Western Europe and Southwest Asia have fewer resources and nevertheless they established a powerful chemical industry and a huge volume of chemical products is exported in Russia. In order to compensate the misbalance it is necessary to develop production facilities for complicated chemical products at Ural region drawing modern chemical technologies to the energy and raw materials source.
– Why did you choose a chemical park format?
Chemical park is an industrial complex concentrating considerable production facilities, technological and product chains, service, logistic and research centers. Nizhny Tagil located at the center of Sverdlovsk oblast has such advantages as proximity to cheap energy and raw materials sources, intermediate positions between sales markets, established power and transport infrastructure and highly qualified and relatively inexpensive human resources. The core of chemical park is JSC Uralhimplast which represents ad base for the project actually operating for about year and a half. Our joint ventures, current residents of Chempark Tagil such as UralMethanolGroup, Uralhimplast-Cavenaghi, Uralhimplast-Amdor, Ural plasticizers plant and Himmach Service are successfully operating under technological cycle "methanol-oxymethylene-synthetic resins–high level processing products".
– Will the amount of residents increase?
Certainly. Today we offer facilities located directly at existing Uralhimplast production site. The whole chempark area accounts for 140 hectares. The offered grounds of 0,5-1 hectare both with and without buildings are equipped with necessary communications: energy network, water supply (drinking and process water), effluent discharges for sewage and rainfall to treatment plants. For chemically contaminated discharges we have thermal deactivation furnaces as well as own solid waste landfill.
Furthermore Tagil Chempark features well-established rail track road system, warehouses, sport and recreation center, fire station and security services. As an option we are able to provide a wide service range from design and engineering to equipment repairs, legal and marketing support. Business development within chemical park has significant advantages including primarily cost cutting and increase of competitiveness.
The second stage assumes establishing of infrastructure for greenfield-type projects including involvement of Russian and foreign partners.
– Which foreign companies have you started negotiations with?
Infracor — Marl Chemical  Park (Germany), Currenta — Leverkusen ChemPark (Germany), LANXESS (Germany), Sumitomo Bakelite (Japan), BASF  (Germany), Dow Europe (Germany), Huntsman (Netherlands), Krems Chemie (Austria), Schenectady International Group (USA), Univar (Netherlands), AR CL (India). We have a good example of Russia-Italy partnership – Uralhimplast-Cavenaghi joint venture which operates consistently and increases production and sales volumes. We are looking just for such companies, interested in development of chemical and processing business at Ural region.

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