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GrupoVangest – Success through partnership  #8 (66) 2008

Thanks to competent partnership with its customers, Portugal based group GrupoVangest offers advanced solutions, strongly sought-for by modern market to car components manufacturers.

Combining advantages
With its 20 years experience GrupoVangest is group of independent companies, operating within unite complex and concentrated at the same area – Portugal plastics industry center – city of Marin Grande.
Group’s field of activities is industry and car design, developing products, fast tooling prototyping and manufacturing, producing of dies for injection molding, conductors and quality control devices manufacturing.
One of the important success factors is own information technology resources: group includes such companies as Cadflow, Distrim, Nextvision – CAD/CAE/CAM systems developers and suppliers, as well as the largest software manufacturers authorized dealers within Portugal.
Main GrupoVangest advantage at polymer branch is internal partnership between affiliated companies, i.e. complex combination of available capacity, technology, knowledge, experience and “know-how”. Effectiveness of such relationship is a recipe for development of GrupoVangest in the whole field of its history.

Fast production
Today, design is both product and manufacturing company passport to success. Continuous new product development as well as high quality and low production cost requirements make manufacturing optimization the most important factor. Implementation of design ideas into simulation models is in the same way crucial. In order to avoid conflicts between the two fields it is necessary to designing stage proceed based on knowledge and experience in designing of products that are produced with injection molding technology. Today, such chain of interactions is shaping factor in choosing of the most suitable partner in view of innovative activities and marketability. Nowadays, due to innovations in technologies as well as constantly changing customers’ needs and likes production cycle length is continuously reducing making whole the process from beginning of product development to its entrance to the market an important success factor.
In order to match market requirements GrupoVangest adopt advanced technologies of fast prototyping from high-speed milling to stereolithography, laser sintering, FDM (those three technologies are based upon fiberwise creation of 3D physical components and parts directly from 3D-CAD files) and application of silicone molds for small and medium lots of updated parts production. By the instrumentality of the latter it is possible to produce at the average 25 master sample copies with one mold.
To GrupoVangest specialists’ opinion, so called “fast production” for constantly renovating brands will substitute traditional and more expensive mold production of plastic and metal products in the near future. Fast production is impossible without so called simplified tooling, which is supplied to customer in a relatively short time in comparison with traditional mold, but cannot operate with any material, has shorter lifecycle and produce much smaller product lots. Silicon and aluminum molds behave to such category.
Even today, such well-established companies as Nasa, Boeing, Airbus and others apply high technologies commonly – for unique or small amounts products manufacturing. And GrupoVangest partners use its resources in that field in order to gain success.

Joint projects
The main company’s success factor always was forming-up of partnership between GrupoVangest and components supplier in every project, allowing to offer its customers high-grade solutions.
Among GrupoVangest products and services consumers there are such world-known car manufacturers as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Scania, Toyota, Volvo and VW. During complex and demanding projects implementation, car components suppliers for those respected brands – Ficosa, Magna, Lear, Visteon, Faurecia, Scheffehacker, Valeo, Bosch – have used GrupoVangest resources and that partnership provided significant results.
5-Star bullet project – circular plate design for Mini Cabrio – has become a telling illustration of such interplay. Style development and engineering – joint GrupoVangest and circulate plates supplier BBS specialists work – match all the customer requirements.
Another efficient partnership example is the project of pre-production turnout of full-service exterior mirrors, manufactured jointly with Magna-Donnelly –car exterior mirrors subdivision of Manga International – for new model Ferrary GT California pre-production lot supply. Those parts made in end single-element form will be examined during all final tests and definitions of the car before its serial production. Among other GroupVangest and car component suppliers joint projects the noticeable ones are work upon Honda Civic models (door panel, doorhandle, boot door garment, mirrors), S-Max from Ford (bumper,  interior trimming), S40 from Volvo, Audi A6, VW Polo, Seat Ibiza and others.

Patented innovations
Constant striving of GrupVangest for innovations can be noticed in plenty of its projects. One of recent and the most remarkable projects is development of UFX universal railing retainer system for Exura motorcycles transmission, performed for Polisport, leading motorcycles spare parts manufacturer and first-level component supplier for such well-known manufacturers as KTM, Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki.
Exura motorcycle accessories range consists of head light cover, handle bar protection components and front railing. The task to develop universal front railing retainer system, which can be attached to all available motorcycles was put before GrupoVangest. The unique solution of GrupoVangest team, including dismountable plastic components at the railing top part, manufactured with injection molding technology, made the railing compatible to fork arms of any size. Prototypes made with advanced technologies, have successfully passed all the tests and now UFX system is patented worldwide by Polisport.
Thus, customers’ opportunities and GrupoVangest expertise and experience combination based partnership assists its partners to take proper decisions, build relations that create knowledge, reliability and adaptability synergism for both sides, providing the most advanced and innovative solutions for today market.

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