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Most recent developments for automotive industry  #8 (66) 2008

ALBIS PLASTIC is not just a plastics supplier, but a development partner for many world automobile corporations and their subcontractors. Due to the long operational experience in this field and advanced Tuning Center of polymers, the company offers a wide range of materials for automotive industry.

A new level of automobile lighting technology
Today car manufacturers impose specific requirements for passenger compartment lightning system. For example, illuminating should not be spot, but soft and balanced.
ALBIS PLASTIC specialists designed innovative technology for passenger compartment lightning systems production and presented materials of ALCOM® LD (Light Diffusion) series. 
Business card
ALBIS PLASTIC Gmbh Company was founded in Hamburg in 1961. The company supplies whole range of thermoplastic materials, as a distributor of such big international plastics manufacturers as BASF, Bayer MaterialScience, Lanxess, LyondellBasell Industries, on the one hand, and as a manufacturer of highly-specialized products. ALBIS PLASTIC Company is presented by its subsidiary enterprises in 16 countries, including Moscow from 2007 where there is Russian department – “Albis Plastic” Ltd.
Light properties of polymers are considerably optimized by targeted adding of special components. Light diffusion is absolutely smooth. Even at viewing angle of 45 degrees ALCOM® LD products emit 50% of initial light and thus improve reliability and comfort of driving.
Complex design and production processes are also simplified due to the advanced light properties. For example, expensive press-tools’ costs, required for multicomponent molding, are not essential anymore for manufacturers during lighting units production.
ALCOM® LB (Light Blocking) material in such products as light conductor or reflector even with 0.5mm wall thickness provides full light blocking and prevents light penetration between different lamps, e.g. indicator and inspection lamps. Besides, this material works as a reflector and thus enabling balanced illumination of product. The development can be based on almost any polymer –      ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PBT, PP.

Against sliding motion and static electricity
Due to adding special lubricants ALCOM® Wear Protect material becomes optimal wear, abrasion and noise protection for products. These compounds are an ideal material for production of plugs, gears, joints, friction bearings, which have a lot of applications in automobile industry in those units where friction appears.
Traditional thermoplastic materials are good insulators, but at the same time are exposed to electrostatic charging. In many cases when sudden uncharging happens this can lead to functional disorder in electronic component parts. Application of ALCOM® E-Conductive material enables to avoid electrostatic charging by adding electroconductive components, such as fibrous carbon. By adding that component mechanical properties of the material can be improved as well.

The effect of high-quality surface
Motor caps used to be only black-colored. But nowadays ALBIS PLASTIC delivers a spun-dyed silver compound based on polyamide called ALCOM® Metallic-Compounds. Motor caps made of ALCOM® Metallic seem to be made of aluminum. At the same time this material enables to comply with such requirements as dimensional accuracy, high thermal stability, permanent color and absence of weld lines on the surface.
ALCOM® Metallic finds its application in passenger compartment as well, because all products made of this material have varnished appearance. Thus long and complex process of varnishing is passing. Spun-dyed metallic-compounds enable to escape scratches at the surface arising during transportation of separate parts or during car operational process. Scratches stays invisible on spun-dyed compound, while base material color appears when there are deep scratches at the varnished surfaces.
“Custom tailoring/ tailor-made products”
Standard thermoplastic materials are the main components for different auto parts. Though customer oriented solutions are more and more in demand, e. g. an opportunity for flexible product design, its lightened and increased durability, greater treatment temperature range. In that category ALBIS PLASTIC offers materials of ALTECH® group, based on broad variety of engineering plastic.
By adding special components and fillers during compounding process in Tuning Center of polymers properties of traditional thermoplastics can be optimized. It is possible to design specified color of compound with defined resistance to temperatures and light, painting rate.

Specific color
Customer oriented solutions in automobile industry can be achieved with the use of colored masterbatches. Despite the polymer’s group working with both standard and engineering plastics under masterbatch project – ALCOLOR®, it is possible to perform the most pretentious customer’s desires for dyeing of materials. Many products in car manufacturing require not only a special color, but special properties as well. The most convenient problem solution is offered by products from ALCOLOR® Function series which combine color and functional additive in one material. For example, design of low-toxicity masterbatch based on ПФЛ for dyeing of protective cover for stereo speakers by Bang&Olufsen company in passenger compartment.

Extraordinary flexibility
Thermoplastic elastomers are essential for car manufacturing because they combined properties of traditional elastomers and advantages of thermoplastic materials. ALFATER XL® group of materials is a blend of polypropylene matrix and dynamically vulcanized EPDM phase. Due to good flexibility and mechanical properties, resistance to water solutions and alkaline media, weather and aging stability ALFATER XL® is an optimal material for making gaskets, goffers, cable sheathes, mirror gaskets, floor mats and the like. Besides, ALFATER XL® is used even in multicomponent molding combined with polypropylene.

Won’t burn in afire…
For many products being exposed to high temperatures and mechanical loadings at that time, the best solution is fire resistant material called TEDUR® (polyphenylene sulfide – PPhS)  produced by ALBIS PLASTIC. Due to its excellent hardness and durability, stability to chemical compounds and hydrolysis, the material preserves its fantastic properties even under very high temperatures. TEDUR® is used in such units as stuffing boxes, fuel injection system, pump body and the like. Because of its good metallization TEDUR® is often applied in car reflectors production as well. Today ALBIS PLASTIC engineers are working on products and technologies of the future including problem of heat-conducting plastics which are required when high temperatures and necessity for outputting heat directly through component appears, that is essential for undisturbed operation of whole system. This question assumes ever greater importance today and it hasn’t been solved. developed yet neither by car manufacturers, nor by their partner companies. Automobile industry also focuses on such material properties as resistance to scratching, nicked resilience and light fastness. ALBIS PLASTIC Company still has to solve these problems.

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