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TNK oils: tested on practice  #7 (65) 2008

Verification of the claimed properties of oils – by laboratory methods and moreover by “environmental tests” - is the most serious argument enhancing confidence in both product and oil manufacturer

For the sake of stable production
Russian manufacturing enterprises having in their stock foreign equipment often feel mistrustful of using domestic lubricants in these expensive machines. However, when it concerns a wide variety of high-quality industrial oils created and serially manufactured by TNK Lubricants Ltd., there is no place left for mistrust.
In 2005 this company became the first Russian enterprise that started to manufacture specialized branded oils for industrial machinery that corresponded to world standards. TNK oils are the direct analogue to import products, but unlike the latter they are offered in the market at a reasonable price and the variety of brands allows to ensure complex provision of production with lubricants. These oils are meant first of all for those industrial enterprises that are aimed at increasing production efficiency and stable operation of equipment with no breakdown or failure.
A vivid example of such enterprise is Syzran JSC Plastik, a part of Krista group of companies and one of the leading Russian manufacturers of polymer and composite materials products. JSC Plastik plays a key role in supplying plastic products to such companies as JSC AUTOVAZ, JSC DAAZ, GM-AUTOVAZ joint venture, JSC GAZ, JSC UAZ, JSC IzhAUTO, JSC Robert Bosch Saratov and many others. JSC Plastik manufactures over 1000 product items from polyamide, HDPE and LDPE, ABS plastic, all types of polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, polyvinylchloride; produces large-size constructions from composite materials (glass-fiber and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic).
Equipment stock of JSC Plastik comprises over 200 injection molding machines of Demag, Bekum, LG, Battenfeld, Haitian, KuASY, Hemscheidt, Sandretto, Krauss-Maffei, Arburg companies of various years of manufacture.
At the beginning of 2005 chief engineering service established a program of actions developed to reduce equipment downtime and to increase efficiency of preventive maintenance system. At the first stage one of the main tasks was reconstruction of filtration units in hydraulic systems of all injection molding machines. However, when equipping hydraulic systems with filtering elements, the company faced a problem with filterability of oils as the lubricants the company used at that moment had the following obvious drawbacks:
 - settling out of additives under the influence of water and high temperature;
 - low thermal oxidative stability;
 - problems with oil filterability due to accumulation of hydrocarbons oxidation products from the basic material and decomposition of additives;
 - poor water segregation;
 - low level of wear-resistant properties, insufficient for operation in modern pumps;
 - too high solidification temperature;
 - purity class 15-16, and frequently even oils with no class were used.

On all counts
At that time TNK Company tested and manufactured TNK Gidravlik series of oils with a wide viscosity range that used a conceptually different technology with application of imported additives. The advantages of TNK Gidravlik oil in comparison with traditionally used domestic products are as follows:
 - color indices are 1.5-2 times better;
 - 2 times less mechanical impurity;
 - filterability is 5 times better;
 - wear-resistant properties are 1.2 times higher (a smaller wear spot diameter on four-ball machine);
 - total acid number is 1.4 times less;
 - water segregation properties are 4 times better;
 - solidification temperature is 5°С lower;
 - thermal oxidative stability is 1.5 higher (longer operation life);
 - purity class is over 15.
In April 2005 specialists of TD Povolzhie-SM Ltd., the official distributor of TNK Company in Togliatti, organized a meeting of specialists from chief engineer service of JSC Plastik with TNK technical specialists, where the latter described in details available and high potential range of branded TNK oils, technology of their production and their advantage over old domestic oils. Then a decision was made to organize performance testing of TNK oils on the basis of operating equipment.
The testing started in summer 2005 and was held for over a year. Head of Preventive maintenance bureau of chief engineering service Alexandr Sekerin told about introduction of TNK oils into operating equipment.
During the testing, monitoring of TNK Hydraulic oils parameters proved their compliance with all the claimed requirements. By the end of the testing we changed oil in a number of other machines.
Another remarkable thing about this story: suddenly one of the company branches informed about problems in operation of injection molding machine, which used TNK Gidravlik oil. Once the situation was investigated, it was found out that during oil changing the filter elements were not replaced, which caused pressure drop down in the system. Machine operator in this section was instructed about the necessity to follow strictly the requirements of preventive maintenance system adopted in the corporation.

Trust, but verify
At the beginning of 2006 TNK Company launched production of zinc-free oil series TNK Gidravlik ZF (ISO VG32, 46), being the direct analogue of import zinc-free oils. They comply with DIN 51524-2 (HLP) and have an undoubted cost advantage over imported products. In order to achieve production efficiency, it is necessary not only to ensure failure-free operation of equipment, but also to reduce direct and indirect maintenance expenses. TNK Gidravlik ZF oil meets both requirements.
TNK Gidravlik ZF oil was used in new injection molding machines in post-warranty period, as agreed with the equipment manufacturer. At that moment JSC Plastik was pretty confident about TNK oils, however testing and monitoring of TNK Gidravlik ZF oil parameters were scheduled in this case as well.
Trust, but verify – is the main principle of our work, - Deputy Maintenance Director of JSC Plastik Andrey Gusev noticed with a friendly smile.
Six months later a business case for TNK oils usage was created and testing results revealed significant economic benefits.
In the middle of 2006, chief engineering service together with TNK specialists addressed to representatives of Demag Plastservice Company intending to get permission to use TNK Gidravlik ZF oil in Demag injection molding machines being under a warranty service. And such permission was received. By that time installation of several new Demag injection molding machines was performed at JSC Plastik. Once the installation was finalized, the hydraulic systems were filled up with TNK Gidravlik ZF oil instead of imported one, and the injection molding machines were put into operation. It’s been 2 years now as this oil is ensuring efficient performance of hydraulic systems in Demag injection molding machines.
Strong confidence in TNK oils, their faultless performance and compliance with all the claimed characteristics, as well as a wide range of brands have allowed machine operators of JSC Plastik to solve the problem of complex maintenance and to apply TNK Reduktor CLP oils in gear-boxes of lock-up mechanism in injection molding machines, as well as TNK MNS oils for sliding bars.
Application of TNK oils is economically beneficial for a domestic enterprise; it ensures failure-free operation of equipment and does not disrupt a smooth production flow. High-quality TNK oils are available for Russian processors due to a wide regional distribution network and technical support of the company specialists.

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