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Deep modification with Olenten additives  #7 (65) 2008

In the beginning of 2008 Olenta Company introduced a new product to the market – special modifying additives of Olenten series for manufacture of conceptually new polymer materials (including filled polymers), and also – in the near term – for creation of nanopolymer composites. This is what Production Director of Modern Polymer Materials Company, a part of Olenta Group, Igor Tsapenko told us about

- Igor Nikolaevich, what is the purpose of your additives?
- First of all, it is compatibilization, that means reduction of interfacial energy between polymers during their blending, they are also meant to provide wetting properties and better dispersion of mineral fillers, non-halogen fire retardants and improve their distribution within a polymeric matrix, which results in improved properties of the known composite materials and leads to creation of conceptually new materials with unique physical and mechanical properties and performance characteristics.
- Does the domestic market have products similar to the ones you offer?
- Yes it does, some of the world largest companies already offer similar products, but the cost of them is really high and occasionally there are interruptions in the delivery. Nowadays our company is the only Russian manufacturer of such products. We have chosen an absolutely unique technology which enables us to create a wide range of modifying polymer additives, and their cost is significantly cheaper than of the similar products from the western countries.
- Where are your production sites located?
- In Moscow Region. We apply the most up-to-date licensed equipment for compounding and crushing (produced in Switzerland and Austria). Here we also have our development laboratory.
- What additives did you start from?
- We started from products designed for improving physical and mechanical properties of highly-filled polyolefins, glass-filled polyamides, rubber-reinforced PA brands. These composite materials are widely applied in automotive industry, in production of sandwich panels, electric tools, in railroads construction...
- What is the main advantage of your additives, to your mind?
- They help significantly to increase the amount of filler, which reduces cost of composite materials. We have additives able to increase frost resistance of polypropylene and elasticity of polyamide. These additives are nowadays in high demand, because polymers possessing such properties are rather expensive and adding a small percentage of our additive into the basic material allows to achieve the same results. We have managed to defeat such a negative property of additives as hygroscopicity, which notably extends their storage life.
- I know that some customers have already evaluated the new products of Olenta Comapany...
- Yes, among the companies that cooperate with us are SN-Group (former Bars Company), Penta, JSC Polimer, negotiations are being held with Polyplastic group of companies, Polimerkompaund Company, ITOS-PET Ltd. In such direction as additives for better pigment distribution in the polymer, as well as for colorant stabilization, we start working with Bars-2 Company. By the way, we offer one kilogram of our sample product to anyone willing to get acquainted with it. Additives are supplied both in form of granules and fine powders. In fact, powder products arouse the greatest interest among cosmetics producers.
- What direction is your production going to develop in?
- Currently we are busy with the development of additives for wood-plastic composites and for cable industry. We also start working with companies striving to improve properties of secondary PA and PET. An interesting direction is manufacture of water-resistant PA-6 with the use of Olenten - an analogue of PA-6.10 which is not produced in Russia yet. This polymer is applied in space industry, in submarine construction. But Olenten series comprises not only standard brands, but also performance of individual orders. A customer should only state the existing production problem, and we shall do our best to solve it.

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