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Your expert in the additives sphere  #3 (61) 2008

Great experience in high-performance polyolefin compounds and additives masterbatches production, reliability and flexibility of manufacture, high-quality service, innovation materials, R&D facilities are everything Constab company is known for
The additives for CIS market
At the biaxial-oriented film market based on substrates like polypropylene, polyethylene and polyamide Constab has it representation in Byelorussia, Russia through Dipol, the leading chemical and plastics distributor.
Dipol is an exclusive channel for INEOS sales of all PP copolymers completed by hi-tech Constab additives for the CIS fast growing industry of flexible packaging. In the majority of cases Dipol activity is based on the “one stop shop” approach being a single-source supplier of polymer and chemical materials. Dipol is selling annually up to 10000 tons of Ineos HSR and Constab MB. In 1996 Dipol made a beginning as a chemical distributor with polystyrene and polyurethanes distribution in Ukraine. Yet, in a decade, it has become the undisputed leader in polymers and special chemicals distribution on the territory of the former SU. Today Dipol has 3 offices and warehouses in Kiev, Riga, and St.-Petersburg covering with distribution network Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

Masterbatches for all major applications
German company Constab, a part of Alqemia group, has been a leading producer of masterbatches and compounds for nearly four decades. Founded in 1971, Constab started to manufacture polyolefin stabilizer concentrates and this focus is reflected in its name: CONcentrated STABilizers. Today Constab is the leading company in know-how aspect at the market of masterbatches for various applications.
“Our programme, - explains Horst F. Schmidt, marketing director, - includes everything from UV-light absorbers, light stabilisers, metal deactivators, demoulding aids. Our product range includes slip and anti-slip masterbatches, foaming agents, fillers, flame retardants, and anticorrosion.” The most significant part of company revenue arises from BOPP-, PP cast and blown film applications and other market segments like thermoforming, and non-woven materials production. Besides Constab offers comprehensive PE masterbatch line including anti-fog, antistatic, thermal stabilizers. Flame retardant and colour masterbatches as well as engineering plastic batches from their Alqemia partners complete their product portfolio.”

Quality, innovations and service
Constab sells its products to manufacturers worldwide from entire Europe and the Near East to Middle East, China, India, North and Latin America. Such segments as film production and injection moulding are expected to increase the sales of the company having already doubled the sales since 2004.
“We may not be the largest company, but we are a technological leader in the innovation world, says Horst Schmidt. - The strength of our company lies in our ability to constant technological development and state-of-the-art recipes for all market needs. All our products reflect Constab’s strict adherence to ISO 9001:2000 quality management standards. Most of them have become standards for a major part of the masterbatch industry.”
Another Constab strength is its service. In addition to years of experience, company's technical personnel whose duty is to consult the customers can also apply to an extensive databank for analysing and solving customers’ problems.

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