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Tooling working like clock  #12 (58), 2007

SiebenwurstForming tooling – is a unique product but at the same time it contributes to all modern standards. Siebenwurst company uses computer technologies at all production stages to produce the high quality tooling

Company group Siebenwurst Formenbau & Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG having celebrated in 2007 its hundredth anniversary employs about 550 workers at its four productions. The production in Dietfurt includes the design, elaboration and
Business card
Being a leading German mold producer, Siebenwurst Formenbau & Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG is specialized in customer – oriented equipment creation that enables mass production of high-quality products. Company offers the following services:
Competent product development
Efficient technical and product consulting
Mold repairing service Tooldoctor
Mold testing
Optimization on customer order
Limited-lot production
Subcontracting order production
Siebenwurst produces molds for injection molding using different methods ( two-component injection molding, gas assist molding, cascades, core melting, back injection molding, hybrid technology). The company also produces foam and die casting mold and all the production is certified ISO 9001.
Siebenwurst partners are the greatest automobile and aircraft companies GAZ, Audi, BMW. Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Skoda, Smart, Saab/Airbus, EADS, Eurocopter, consumer goods producers Bosch, Siemens, Bauknecht and dozens of other consumer goods producers.
production of experimental samples, details and forming tooling for automobile industry. Our target in tool production is to produce all the exterior and interior automobile plastic elements in complex.
Customers and market demands to the automobile details quality are so high at this moment that  such tooling production is to be very precise. It is necessary to introduce modern computer projecting and production management technologies such as FEM, CAD/CAM, CATIA V5, TEBIS, ICEM-SURF to maintain this preciseness.
How does the production system in Siebenwurst work?
At the beginning of work the project gets its place in the company net data base and receives the starting information: parameters of the final plastic product, inner and customer oriented approval for manufacturing, the terms of the order, internal and external detail supply terms and  other data. Tooling projecting and design is made by CAD/CAM of CATIA V5 system. Even at this stage the necessary requirements for some exact tool production (minimal slope, radius, prefabricability and etc.) are put into the data base. Effective support for Siebenwurst designers is given by the usage of constructing patterns – templates. Template is the so called “clear” tool which may contain different constructive elements (screw joints, fixing elements, columns, form giving plates) existing in any tooling. Thanks to the modulus gate device cooling and ejecting systems are easily adapted to the individual demands of the final product and the consumer. Having three year practice with templates Siebenwurst created three-dimensional template model which takes into account the size of the product, the production norm of the client and machine type. Separate modulus cavities have some parameters which are already put and adaptive capability for the mold to meet all the production and assembly requirements. Based on the templates design technology allows quickly move from complex mold design and their specification definition to the schedule composition of mold manufacturing.
The designed tool and separate details are sorted according to their specification are transmitted to the data base of the company. Sometimes a great number of designers are recruited for one project to shorten order performance terms. Their well-coordinated work would be impossible without the data system gathered in the information base of the company. The workers carrying out production and assembly can also apply actual project and CAD-data at the work place using the information bank view system. Implementing the orders of high complexity they can create the necessary classification of significant assembly units that is movable and immovable half-molds, coolers, ejecting system. Computer projecting and mold forming tool production methods have been working out for more than 10 years and thanks to their introduction Siebenwurst company manages to achieve an extremely high level of orders performance. These methods allow to decrease time and production costs and the use of templates and net base leads to production standardization, to the mistakes quantity reduction and therefore to the reduction of costs connected with their elimination. So the company can obtain tooling working like clock.

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