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03/10/2005 Conference P&M-2005 – the results Business forums
03/10/2005 Novatek starts BOPP film production Investments and equipment
03/10/2005 Nizhnekamskneftekhim is the best exporter Raw materials and additives
03/10/2005 Another PET bottles recycling plant Plastics recycling
03/10/2005 Polimeravto awarded the Expert prize Plastics application
30/09/2005 Kuibyshevazot extends production and its markets Raw materials and additives
29/09/2005 Investments in rotation molding Investments and equipment
29/09/2005 Spanbond will be manufactured in Moscow region Raw materials and additives
29/09/2005 Polyef: suit goes on Raw materials and additives
28/09/2005 Nizhnekamskneftekhim produces twice more polystyrene Raw materials and additives
28/09/2005 Kazanorgsintez carries on cooperation with Petrozavodskmash Investments and equipment
28/09/2005 Omsk Chemical Company gets a new tranche Investments and equipment
26/09/2005 VAZ installs an Engel injection molding machine Investments and equipment
26/09/2005 Gazprom invests into Bashkiria Raw materials and additives
26/09/2005 Uralkhimmash establishes new enterprises Investments and equipment
26/09/2005 The largest IMM LG Cable has been launched in the CIS Investments and equipment
23/09/2005 BOY develops new insert moulding machine Investments and equipment
22/09/2005 Degussa acquires PAEK know-how from Ticona Raw materials and additives
22/09/2005 Amcor and Husky using renewable materials for bottles Raw materials and additives
21/09/2005 Ticona's great advantage in high-tech miniaturization Plastics application
21/09/2005 Brueckner's new technology for thin film and sheet production Investments and equipment
20/09/2005 September issue of PLASTIKS. plastics processig industry magazine has come off the press… PLASTIKS news
08/06/2005 MAN run more quietly thanks to a specially designed rocker cover, molded in TECHNYL® Polyamide from Rhodia Plastics application
13/05/2005 Kazanorgsintez launches German installations Raw materials and additives
13/05/2005 Polymers production is resumed in Kazakhstan Raw materials and additives
13/05/2005 Sayanskkhimplast increases polymers production Raw materials and additives
13/05/2005 Contents of PLASTIKS #4 (26) have been placed. PLASTIKS news
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